Our Services

Research, Initial Site Evaluation, Site Measure & As-Built Drawings

The first step is to research city and building code requirements for the client's specific property in order to evaluate buildable area, property restrictions and design requirements. We then perform an inspection of the property and existing structures, measure key features and structures and create drawings of existing conditions.

Schematic Design

Frequent meetings to understand scope of Client's requirement for spatial needs, design intent, special architectural features and budget. After understanding these programming needs, multiple design schemes are conceptually developed and presented to Client in order to begin a dialogue of the Client's vision.

Design Development

The design concept is developed even further which includes preliminary engineering of the structural and mechanical systems and technical information. During this phase, the budget is evaluated by introducing contractors to the project and obtaining preliminary estimates for the cost of construction. At this stage, a contractor is selected who can provide valuable cost-saving tips.

Construction Documents

Preparation of technical drawings & specifications for government approvals, permits and construction of the project.

Permits / Approvals

Assist with obtaining government permits / approvals and HOA applications.

Construction Administration

Observation of project’s progress with regular meetings and review of schedule and budget throughout construction.